Transcendental Meditation®

Photo of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
Many people have asked us whether NSR© Meditation is the same as Transcendental Meditation®. The answer is no. Considering all the factors, we believe we're better (see our comparison page for details). But we realized that it would be helpful for our visitors to have the following summary of TM, to help them understand how NSR is similar and how it is different.

We have nothing against the intent of TM® organization itself. We know that they want people to learn TM, and to learn it correctly. On the plus side, they offer several excellent programs with personal instruction by certified, experienced instructors. But there's one big catch: inflexible policies including high course fees, religiosity, and mysticism alienate many of those who otherwise would learn TM.

TM® Has Many Benefits

(The TM® lawyers have asked us to remove this section. You can find descriptions of these benefits on the TM® website. Our point is simply that stress, being the only reason for fear, weakness, and limitations in life, is easily dissolved by the deep rest provided by transcending, no matter who teaches it or in what way it is taught.)

But TM® Is Expensive

The current course fee for TM (adults, USA, as of January, 2016) is $960.00.

NSR© Is Affordable!

The course fee for NSR is only $47 (lower for those in financial need). Why? Because we want everyone to be able to learn.

Want to learn TM at a Peace Palace or Center of Invincibility somewhere in your state? Visit the TM website. Want to teach yourself NSR at your own pace in your own home? Complete the confidential order form. It's your choice.